<a href="/jimmy-dore">Jimmy Dore</a>

Jimmy Dore

Stand-up comedian, political commentator, podcaster, and YouTube personality.
<a href="/ron-paul">Ron Paul</a>

Ron Paul

Former Congressman of Texas, author, physician, and the premier advocate for liberty.
<a href="/tulsi-gabbard">Tulsi Gabbard</a>

Tulsi Gabbard

Former Congresswoman of Hawaii, U.S. Army Reserve officer, and political commentator.
<a href="/dennis-kucinich">Dennis Kucinich</a>

Dennis Kucinich

Former Congressman of Ohio and Mayor of Cleveland.
<a href="/cynthia-mckinney">Cynthia McKinney</a>

Cynthia McKinney

Former Congresswoman of Georgia and former Green Party candidate for President.
<a href="/scott-horton">Scott Horton</a>

Scott Horton

Editorial Director of Antiwar.com, radio host, and author of several best-selling anti-war books.
<a href="/ann-wright">Ann Wright</a>

Ann Wright

Peace activist, diplomat, and former U.S. Army Colonel. Resigned in opposition to the Iraq War.
<a href="/chris-hedges">Chris Hedges</a>

Chris Hedges

Best-selling author, journalist, and commentator.
<a href="/roger-waters">Roger Waters</a>

Roger Waters

Musician, singer-songwriter, and composer. Co-Founder of the popular rock band Pink Floyd.
<a href="/david-swanson">David Swanson</a>

David Swanson

Anti-war activist, blogger, author, and Executive Director of World Beyond War.
<a href="/daniel-mcadams">Daniel McAdams</a>

Daniel McAdams

Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute and Co-Host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report.
<a href="/garland-nixon">Garland Nixon</a>

Garland Nixon

Radio talk show host and political analyst in Washington DC.
<a href="/max-blumenthal">Max Blumenthal</a>

Max Blumenthal

Editor-in-chief of The Grayzone. Award-winning journalist and author.
<a href="/anya-parampil">Anya Parampil</a>

Anya Parampil

Journalist with The Grayzone. Producer and reporter of several documentaries.
<a href="/jill-stein">Jill Stein</a>

Jill Stein

Physician, activist, and former Green Party candidate for President.
<a href="/tara-reade">Tara Reade</a>

Tara Reade

Author, actress, former Senate aide, producer of The Kim Iversen Show.
<a href="/diane-sare">Diane Sare</a>

Diane Sare

Musician, activist, and candidate for U.S. Senate (NY).
<a href="/tatiana-moroz">Tatiana Moroz</a>

Tatiana Moroz

Folk singer-songwriter and a driving force in the cryptocurrency industry.
<a href="/jordan-page">Jordan Page</a>

Jordan Page

Anti-War music artist, singer, songwriter, and guitarist
<a href="/kim-iversen">Kim Iversen</a>

Kim Iversen

Independent journalist and host of The Kim Iversen Show.
<a href="/jackson-hinkle" >Jackson Hinkle</a>

Jackson Hinkle

Independent journalist and host of The Dive with Jackson Hinkle.
<a href="/craig-pasta-jardula">Craig Jardula</a>

Craig Jardula

Anti-War Activist and Co-Host of AM Wake Up and The Convo Couch
<a href="/wyatt-reed">Wyatt Reed</a>

Wyatt Reed

Anti-War Activist and Journalist focused on Latin America.
<a href="/dan-cohen">Dan Cohen</a>

Dan Cohen

Award-winning documentary filmmaker and correspondent with Redacted.